Atlanta HVAC Helicopter Lift

Lifting HVAC to the roof of a 20-story building 

It's not exactly a regular day at E. Escher Inc. Today's lift is a big one. But, after months of preparation and planning they are ready.

The first lift, the week before, was for the steel beams that are now the platform that the sixteen 25-ton modular chillers will rest on. Each unit weighs about 2,000 lbs, and there will be less than 4" on each side of the flange that supports the unit; so these chillers will need to be precisely placed—while dangling 100 feet in 80 mph winds created by the helicopter.

The equipment is staged with rigging, the buildings and streets below are cleared, the helicopter is fueled and ready to go, and so is the crew. 

Chiller Lift Highlights Reel

Steel Lift Highlights Reel

How do you get 2000 lbs. to the top of a 20-story building? Sunrise Studios set out to document this process for E. Escher Inc. We provided a 3-person crew for PR coverage of this 2-day lift including a videographer, photographer and drone pilot. Editing and post-production also by Sunrise Studios.

Watch the shorts above for quick highlights of each lift, and then click the button below for the full video where Max Escher, president of E. Escher Inc. talks about about the team and planning required for a big HVAC installation in downtown Atlanta.

e. escher inc.

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Sunrise Studios Team

Event coverage provided by Cari Dobbins, photography and videography; Scott Brunson, certified drone pilot; Penny Dunbar, videography; Julie Free, photography. Photo editing by Julie Free and Cari Dobbins. Video editing by Cari Dobbins.

Scott Brunson

An FAA Certified drone pilot with four years of experience. He specializes in Real Estate Photography and Videography but also has an interest in special events and construction progress. Check out the construction videos located on the photo/video page of his site: